Thursday, February 18, 2010

Florida Marlins Looking For A 2015 All-Star Dream

Dreams became reality in 1997 when then-rookie Cuban pitcher Livan Hernandez cried out, “I love you, Miami,” in front of a national television audience

Marlins fans woke up and realized their Florida franchise really did win its first World Series.

“I love you, Miami,” probably can be heard again this season from Major League Baseball.

The Florida Marlins want to host the All-Star Game in 2015.

Marlins president David Samson discussed the team's perspective during the recent celebrated FanFest and has repeated his remarks to the national baseball media.

"We lost the game before we had a ballpark. Now that there is a ballpark, it is certainly is our expectation that the All-Star Game will be returned to Miami," Samson said recently to the Associated Press. "We look forward to that happening and are very hopeful that it will be 2015."

The Marlins were awarded the 2000 All-Star Game in 1995, but then-National League President Len Coleman took it away in 1998 and gave it to the Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field, saying the league wanted the game in new ballparks.

Many baseball followers understood at the time it was some kind of punishment for the way former owner Wayne Huizenga broke up the 1997 World Series championship team.

The Midsummer Classic, if awarded, will be the first ever in South Florida and will be at the brand new retractable-roof Marlins stadium on the former Orange Bowl site in Little Havana, slated to open for the 2012 season

In 2012 the franchise will introduce its new name, the Miami Marlins.

The Los Angeles Angels host this year's 2010 All-Star Game, and the Arizona Diamondbacks host in 2011.

Major League Baseball officials have said the 2012 host likely will be the Kansas City Royals and then the New York Mets in 2013.

The Minnesota Twins, who will inaugurate Target Field this year, hope to host the big game in 2014. Although 2014 is an American League year, the Chicago Cubs also have said they'd like to be awarded the game that season to mark the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field.

My crystal ball says the dream will come true—Miami will be awarded the All-Star Game.

My crystal ball also says if the players mentioned stay in their current teams, these will be the opening lineups of the 2015 Midsummer Classic at Marlins Park.

C: Joe Mauer, Minnesota
1B: Miguel Cabrera, Detroit
2B: Dustin Pedroia, Boston
3B: Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay
SS: Elvis Andrus, Texas
OF: Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay
OF: Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston
OF: Nelson Cruz, Texas
P: Felix Hernandez, Seattle

C: Yadier Molina, St. Louis
1B: Albert Pujols, St. Louis
2B: Dan Uggla, Florida
3B: Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco
SS: Hanley Ramirez, Florida
OF: Chris Coghlan, Florida
OF: Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh
OF: Ryan Braun, Milwaukee
P: Tim Lincecum, San Francisco

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