Friday, July 23, 2010

A Florida Marlins Old-Timers Day?

The New York Yankees celebrated their 64th Old-Timer's day last Saturday before its game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Maybe it's time after 18 seasons that the Marlins franchise start thinking about their own "Old-Timer's" day.

The idea probably would be perfectly fitting when the team moves to their new ballpark in 2012.

After all the Florida Marlins will be history anyway.

As part of the new stadium agreement, the team will rename itself the Miami Marlins when they move into the new stadium in 2012.

Probably this idea will be taken by their management to also commemorate their franchise's 20th anniversary.

Every Marlin fan probably will have its own opinion.

Omitting still active players, these are my two cents to the what would a Marlins “Old-Timer's” team would look like:
C Benito Santiago
1B Jeff Conine
2B Alex Arias
3B Bobby Bonilla
SS Kurt Abbott
OF Moises Alou
OF Preston Wilson
OF Cliff Floyd
P Al Leiter
RP Antonio Alfonseca

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